Volixer™ Water Concentrate

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Satisfy your thirst and experience optimal hydration like never before!

Volixer™ Water Concentrate creates pure, living, mineral-rich, alkaline water. This innovative Water Concentrate has been restructured through a patent-pending process in order to provide optimum cellular hydration (or, within the cells of the body). This process creates biologically-preferred molecular structures that increase the efficiency and speed of nutrient delivery to the cells, hence throughout one’s body. Volixer™ Water’s unique structure allows it to pass through cell walls with ease, thus delivering oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. This hydration process assists in the removal of carbon monoxide, waste materials and toxic buildup that accumulate in the cells. 

The Volixer water concentrate can be used to make great-tasting mineralized water, using only a regular kitchen blender. This water can hydrate the cells of the body in record time, for greater health and well-being. In addition the finished water supplies a generous potency of magnesium, a rare component of mountain spring water and a bicarbonate alkaline pH between 9 and 9.2. A 16 oz. bottle of concentrate is sufficient to make 16 gallons of activated Volixer water. 

Benefits from Drinking Volixer™ Water:

 • Provides optimum cellular hydration • Elevates oxygen levels
• Rejuvenates the body • Enhances metabolic efficiency
• Supports the immune system • Revitalizes detoxification processes
• Reduces inflammation • Restores optimum mineral balance
• Increases nutrient utilization • Delivers a high concentration of 85+ Okinawa sea minerals
• Boost energy levels (without use of stimulants) • Supplies essential magnesium
• Restores body alkalinity • *twice as effective than others for ½ the price)

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