Volamin™ Plasma

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Volamin Plasma contains an activated minerals profile that is very similar to the minerals profile of blood plasma. A complete sampling of the 80+ minerals found in the ocean is present.  The product is activated using the Volixer™ technology. This allows for increased utilization and hydration of the tissues, to which it is applied. It can be put in an eye cup to give a soothing eye wash.  It may also be used as a refreshing spray to soothe the skin, as a nasal spray or mouthwash. Regular use of Volamin Plasma may result in an improvement in eye health and suppleness of the skin.

Benefits of Volamin Plasma:

  • Provides a living, fresh complement to eye health by supplying natural hydration of the eye system
  • Enhances skin care by restoring proper hydrations under  dry conditions
  • Improves cellular function by balancing the trace mineral profile of the cells
  • Nourishes blood and lymph
  • Supports the immune system which operates through the complex mineral profile of the plasma

Recommended Usage:

The main purpose of Volamin Plasma is to supply natural tissue hydration.

To Hydrate Skin and Eyes: Spray onto the skin, or put it in an eye cup and bathe the eyes. The health of the eyes and skin are clearly enhanced when sprayed with Volamin Plasma.

To Irrigate Nasal Passages: Spray into nasal passages and sniff. The severity of nasal passage irritation due to colds will be decreased. This is an excellent substitution for the solution normally used in Neti pots.

In Drinking Water (when traveling): Add 4 tsp of Volamin Plasma to 1 quart of drinking water, from any source, and shake well. Let rest for a few minutes prior to drinking.  Users will find that such water will taste better and be easier to digest, while improving cellular hydration.

In Infant Formulas: Add 4 tsp of Volamin Plasma to 1 quart of infant formula. This may facilitate digestion.  Some infants may respond positively to this, by showing a greater resistance to infections.  Of course, when the infant is breast fed by his mother, a similar effect may be obtained if the mother consumes water treated in this manner, or for greater benefits, Volixer water made from Volixer Water Concentrate. 

In Tea, Coffee, Beer or Other Beverages: Spray small amounts into the beverage. The presence of Volamin Plasma decreases the digestive stress associated with ingesting any liquid.

How Volamin Plasma Works

We note again, that the mineral profile of Volamin Plasma is similar to the mineral profile of healthy blood plasma, including over 80 minerals, as they occur naturally in the ocean. Because of this, the minerals are used by our physiology, to facilitate hundreds of complex cellular reactions. This tends to tune the physiology for a feeling of greater well-being.

When the eyes are bathed, with Volamin Plasma, the eyes have a much easier time of distributing this to the cells, for the purpose of irrigation and cleansing.  Typically eyewash solutions have an imbalance between sodium chloride (common table salt) and other minerals.  In this case, the cell membranes are called upon to perform a difficult secondary function, which is to correct the mineral imbalance, resulting from the use of such eyewash solutions. This poses unwanted stress on the cells. The Volamin Plasma has the correct mineral balance which eliminates that stress.

Over the eons, diluted seawater has been used to cleanse the eyes. The mineral profile of natural seawater, being very similar to the mineral profile of blood plasma, made it very easy and often desirable to soothe the eyes. The electromagnetic properties of seawater have also evolved considerably over the millennia of evolution.  In recognition of this, Volamin Plasma is processed using the Volixer technology. This technology restructures the water, in the plasma, to contain large numbers of hexagonal water clusters.  In addition, these small water clusters will wrap around the minerals forming water chelation structures that facilitate the absorption of the minerals. (For more information on the Volixer Technology, please click here.) The small hexagonal water clusters have a structure similar to the ones found inside the cells.  Thus, our cells more easily assimilate these water-chelated minerals. This can greatly decrease cellular irrigation stress.

As a result of this complex structure, Volamin Plasma permeates the eyes more readily than typical saline solutions. This allows the other minerals to operate in a unique fashion.  For example, the magnesium present can help remove the excess calcification, of the eye muscles and ultimately increase accommodation, in this way.