SEAson™ Flavor Mist

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Half the sodium, twice the flavor of standard table salt!

Excite your taste buds and discover enhanced health benefits from the ocean, while delivering 84+ necessary minerals for a balanced diet and healthy body. SEAson™ Flavor Mist is an all-natural, low sodium, nutraceutical food and beverage spray that is a mineral-balanced substitution for regular table salt. SEAson Flavor Mist is a unique alternative salt solution of concentrated ocean water with half of the sodium removed using a natural, patented vacuum extraction process. Additionally, SEAson Flavor Mist contains trace minerals that are typically missing from common and/or regular table salt or standard sea salt.

Our unique process converts these minerals into biologically preferred molecular structures with an enhanced speed and efficiency of nutrient delivery. We refer to these as ‘Volamins’ ('VOL'ixer 'A'ctivated 'MIN'erals). These Volamin trace minerals facilitate important enzymatic cellular reactions. As a result, a smaller amount goes a long way. SEAson Flavor Mist may be used wherever salt would normally be used on all raw or cooked foods and beverages.

Benefits of SEAson Flavor Mist™:

Mineral balanced alternative to table salt Ideal for health conscious individuals
All natural food with superior nutritional balance Stimulates the kidneys and facilitates removal of toxins
Enhances the taste of any food or drink Produced in a natural, patented vacuum extraction process
Supplies over 84 primary and trace minerals sourced from the Okinawa ocean environment Pure, natural and beyond organic with NO added chemicals or preservatives
Improves digestion Contains no known allergens
Enhances nutritional value of food Gluten free
Reduces water retention Vegan

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