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Balance your hormones and revitalize your endocrine system!

SEA-Odine™ is a natural iodine supplement that provides maximum impact to boost metabolism, boost energy, boost immunity, and enhance overall health. Just 8 drops supplies approximately 10 mg of iodine - 80 times more than the RDA recommendation of 150mcg. What’s more, this formulation minimizes potential allergy reactions, which is often a challenge of other iodine products.

SEA-Odine contains mono-atomic iodine extracted from seaweed. Iodine is necessary for support of proper thyroid function and to restore hormonal balance throughout the body. This iodine is dissolved in pure ethyl alcohol and the solution is then activated electromagnetically to ensure rapid absorption in the body. This formulation minimizes potential allergy reactions.  

Benefits of SEA-Odine™:

Supports healthy thyroid function Balances hormones
Helps regulate weight and metabolism Rapidly absorbed by the body
Stabilizes the endocrine system Boosts energy levels (when iodine is deficient)
Suppresses auto-immunity Improves emotional well-being
Minimizes allergic reactions often caused by other iodine supplements Assists in preventing radiation poisoning from Iodine 139
Provides a solution for Vegans that lack iodine Helps fight skin infections (natural antiseptic)
Assists in the removal of heavy metal contamination (i.e. lead and mercury) Strengthens immunity -- allowing for resistance and recovery
Removes toxic chemicals and biological toxins (i.e. fluoride, bromide, aluminum) Decreases arthritic pains

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